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We live by our philosophy of bringing stature to our clients who request our services. At Amin-Tan & Co., we provide legal services to individuals and corporate clients which ranges from small businesses, large corporations and to financial institutions. Backed by years of experiences, vast networkings and affiliations, our firm stands ready to provide the necessary legal services and facilitiation that our clients require. 

Clients’ satisfaction is a testimony of the quality and service that we have been providing over the years. Dedication towards excellence in client service, where we provide a complete one-stop solution.

More than 30 Years of Experience
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Committed to helping our clients succeed

Our practice areas


Conveyancing & Real Estate

We attend to all forms of property transactions, representing international and local vendors and purchasers.

Commercial & Corporate

Our firm has been given the opportunity to serve clients that are based locally and internationally.

Money bag

Banking & Finance

We hold a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the transactional and regulatory frameworks necessary to undertake debt security for both domestic and international.

Islamic Banking

Our team have been advising mainly domestic clients on a full range of Shariah compliant products based on the principles of Mudharabah, Murabahah, Musyarakah, and Ijarah.


Wills & Trust

Extensive advice on drafting Wills and Trust for our clients to ensure that their desire regarding the distribution of their properties to the respective parties.



Our team provides advisory and advocacy services in most aspects of Litigation in Banking, General, Criminal and Commercial Disputes.

Why choose ATC?


Excellent Track Record.

With more than 30 years experience, ATC has a proven track record of a culture of delivering consistent results. Simply put it, ATC's "delivering consistent results" is the building block of ATC's business and good relationship with ATC's clientele.


Transparent Fees

ATC's work delivery is always accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation and collective decision making. It is an essential component for a free and open exchange, in relation to the services provided by ATC, and helps to build the trust between ATC and its clientele.


Unparalleled Customer Service

ATC goes above and beyond then just "good enough" in providing quality services to its clients. ATC ensures the skill levels of its staff are consistently upgraded, to match the ever changing work environment, moving into a fully digitized work environment to ensure speed and accuracy in delivering the services to ATC's clientele.

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Committed to helping our clients succeed